Beauty Profile:
Stacey Kenealy

Beauty Profile:<br> Stacey Kenealy

It’s a little-known fact that here in the ModelCo Digital and PR department, almost all of us took dance lessons when we were younger. We’ve come to attribute this time as dancers as what lead us to our obsession with all things beauty. Any dancer knows that at 9 years old, you could master your own liner, hairspray wasn’t just for your hair and red lippy was a concert must-have.

Enter self-confessed makeup lover and beauty buff Stacey Kenealy, who also just so happens to be one of Australia’s most in-demand Commerical Dancers and Models. From starring at the world famous French cabaret the Moulin Rouge, to touring with various productions worldwide and appearing on screen for brands such as Coca Cola, Lorna Jane and Xfactor, this Aussie beauty has a number of tried and tested beauty secrets up her sleeve. We sat down with Stacey to find out all the tips and tricks she’s picked up from stage and shoots throughout her extraordinary career.

What is your go-to makeup look and why?
A subtle bronzed smokey eye, peach cheeks, highlighted cheekbones, and a nude gloss lip. I love that this look can easily take you from day to night with no fuss. Add a little black liner on the inner rim and you’re set to go from day bar to dinner!

As a professional dancer, what are your beauty tips to keep your makeup looking good throughout a show?
Making sure my makeup is set it properly before I start is a must! A loose powder makes touching up throughout the show easy, I prefer a velvety matte finish that leaves my skin looking fresh.

Three beauty essentials you can’t leave home without and why?
1. My ModelCo Shine Ultra Lip Gloss – because who doesn’t want to have luscious looking lips all day long!
2. My concealer – To do a cheeky touch up under the eyes when needed.
3. My go-to fragrance – at the moment I can’t get enough of Tom Ford Noir.

What is your signature hairstyle and why?
Middle part with a subtle wave. For those of us who weren’t blessed with an abundance of thick locks, having a slight wave helps create more body. Dry shampoo is also a secret weapon to help add more grit at the roots!

Best piece of professional advice you’ve received?
Stay humble. Humility makes a successful person all the more beautiful.

Describe your ideal Sunday?
Sleep in… Breakfast at one of my favourite spots (too many to choose from), followed by some sun and a swim at the beach. Lazy lunch with a glass of chilled Rosé,  an afternoon nap before home cooked dinner and a movie. Perfection!

First thing you do in the morning?
Wash my face and apply SPF50+ sunscreen… I’ll never leave the house without wearing sunscreen!

Any memorable beauty mishaps?
Half way through an opening number of a show I felt something fall onto my cheek.. not realizing what it was I kept dancing. When I got off stage I realized it my was my giant false eyelash stuck on my cheek ! It looked like fury slug on my face! No wonder I was getting some weird looks from audience members. Eek!

Favourite lipstick shade and why…
A deep red wine shade is my numéro uno. It’s chic with an edge.

Of all the beauty advice you have picked up through your time in working on shoots and on stage, what resonates the most with you?
To accentuate the feature on your face you like the most. Everyone has different shaped faces and skin tones, so you need to do what works for you!

Do you have an unconventional beauty trick?
One of my favourite tricks is to add a little bit of my concealer to which ever lipstick I’m using at the time. It creates a softer more pastel version of the colour, which tends to come up nicely!

What is your go-to exercise regime and how do you factor this into your day?
You could definitely say I’m Pilates obsessed! I’ve tried many different forms of exercise, but reformer pilates gives the leanest form of toning I’ve experienced. It’s amazinggg! That mixed with early morning walks, and the cardio I get from dancing leaves me feeling great. I’m lucky I get to work out while I’m working. Perks of the job!

What do you do when prepping yourself before a show? (e.g. skincare routine, food plan, hair mask etc)
I try to drink a lot of water throughout the day and make sure my face is freshly washed (I finish with cold water to close the pores) before applying my makeup. After a long shoot or show day I make an extra effort to remove all makeup and rehydrate the skin.

My cleansing routine is as follows: Shu Uemura – High performance cleansing oil to remove makeup (It’s the best I’ve used). Followed by cleansing and toning. I use Clairns HydraQuench Cream to moisturize the face and neck, and then use a creamy avocado oil eye cream around the eye area. In Winter, I also use ModelCo Rosehip Luxury Facial Oil to give the skin extra moisture.

What excites you most about 2016?
New adventures. Traveling, and reaching new career goals.

How does your everyday makeup differ from your stage makeup?
Dramatically! I don’t like to wear much foundation at all during the day. I try to keep it quite natural and let the skin breathe. I leave the heavy foundation, contouring, false lash and a red lip for the stage!

Dramatically! I don’t like to wear much foundation at all during the day. I try to keep it quite natural and let the skin breathe. I leave the heavy foundation, contouring, false lash and a red lip for the stage!