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Mother’s Day: Mum’s best beauty advice

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we asked some of Australia’s most beauty savvy and stylish women to share with us the best beauty advice they have learnt from their mums.



 L to R: Bonnie Gillies, Eleanor Pendleton, Pip Edwards

Bonnie Gillies, Hair and makeup artist, founder Oz Beauty Expert

“My mum taught me that if you wear make-up you should always wear blush. She told me that if I just used foundation it would leave my face looking flat, but blush would add a beautiful warmth and shape.

To this day I’ve passed on that knowledge to many of my clients as well as living by it. I wear blush every day. I used to love sitting watching my mum doing her make-up getting ready to go out.”

Eleanor Pendleton. Founder, Gritty Pretty Magazine

Beauty advice I learnt from Mum…“Wear sunscreen, drink water and moisturise daily.”

Mum’s best kept beauty secret? “Apply a drop of face oil into your foundation for a dewy finish and glowing complexion.”

Pip Edwards, Founder, Director P.E NATION

On beauty advice she learnt from mum…

“Less is more. Keep make-up light, simple, and always moisturise and clean. She taught me this from a very young age. My mum has the most amazing skin for her age (70 +), however she does have fantastic middle eastern genes! All she actually uses is Nivea everyday, and washes her face at night with soap. She keeps it very simple. ” 


 L to R: Tegan Martin, Marcia Leone, Madeline Joy Relph

Tegan Martin, Miss Universe Australia 2014

 “The biggest piece of beauty advice I have learned from my mum is cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night. I was doing it all through primary school and high school and I’m so thankful she introduced me to my regime  so early!”

Marcia Leone, Influencer, founder and blogger

“My mum taught my sisters and I that it’s “skin first” when it comes to beauty- and this starts from the inside with a vitamin rich diet and plenty of water. At 13 she introduced us to a basic cleanse, tone and moisturise regime, and we’ve never looked back.

Her best beauty tip? A bright lip distracts from tired eyes. This has come in handy since becoming a mum myself. “

Madeline Joy Relph, Model, Influencer

“Being a family of girls, mum always promoted to work from the inside out. A fun, loving, caring personality will shine through as real natural beauty. Her tips passed down from her mother (which I stick to religiously!) is no matter how tired you are always wash your face and brush your teeth before bed and stay hydrated!

Having self confidence and being happy in your own skin would be mum’s number one piece of beauty advice.”


  L to R: Beck Wadworth, Rachel Tee Tyler, Kyly Clarke

Beck Wadworth, Founder, An Organised Life

“My mum is my best friend and someone I have & will always admire. From a young age she taught me to embrace a natural beauty look with a light foundation, black mascara, & a soft lip colour – less is more.

She also taught me the importance of being grateful for what you were given & to look after your skin & body – I always used to complain about my pimples when I was younger and mum would just say ‘beauty is just as much on the inside as it is on the outside. No one’s perfect so” don’t worry about it!” She’s one of those people who looks for the positive in every situation.”

 Rachel Tee Tyler, Model, influencer and blogger at

“My mum’s best kept beauty secret is her ritual night routine. No matter how drained I am from the day, I make sure I take the time follow her steps. Mum taught me to never go to bed with makeup on and to exfoliate at the end of every day. She also taught me to apply a night cream right before bed. And the most important step – ALWAYS get 8 hours of sleep. No products can ever replace the youthfulness that comes with a decent sleep.”

Kyly Clarke, Founder, Lyfestyled by Kyly Clarke

“My mothers best advice was to always smell nice. She always had a signature scent, Chanel No.5 (although I’m sure she may have cheated on it a few times with Cool Water by Davidoff!) but it’s something I always remember about my mum from such a young age. Now I do the same. I love Bvlgari Amethyste and I sometimes have a date night with Dior’s Hypnotic Poison or J’Adore.



Shihfen Gavala, Influencer

“My mum would always tell me how important was to look after my skin. Just before and after my teenage years she would always take me to see a beauty consultant to make sure I was using the appropriate cleansing and toning products for my face. I haven’t changed my routine at all, I still clean and moisturise my face morning and night. I rarely get any breakouts and my face always feels amazing. My mum is in her 50s, and she still has magnificent skin!”

Jaime Ridge, Model, stylist and founder, Dillon Dot

Mum’s best kept beauty secret?

“Moisturiser! My gorgeous mum has the most incredible skin and she credits its all to moisturising both morning and evening. I try my best to follow in her footsteps, I constantly moisturise my hands and ensure my skin is always hydrated – so here’s hoping that between the moisturiser and her genes, I’m on the right track to maintaining youthful beautiful skin…”


 Images sourced from Instagram.

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