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Ask ModelCo - Beauty

How to: Apply your Moisturiser correctly


Moisturiser. That vital step in your beauty routine that is so routine, that you barely give it a second thought. Cleanse, tone, moisturise in the morning and repeat at night. Right? Wrong.

Like makeup, the art lies in the application. Turns out, your moisturising technique should be given equal importance as the product itself.

So how exactly, does one master the art of moisturiser application? Take note of these handy tips to maximise your moisturisation, and ensure your skin is getting the most out of the product itself.

What order should I apply my moisturiser?

Serum before moisturiser? SPF before or after? It’s likely this process has stumped you more than once, especially when a new product is thrown in the mix. General rule of thumb is that you should always apply your skincare products in order of lightest to heaviest. Following cleansing and toning, this would mean serum (ModelCo Instant Miracle Booster) and then moisturiser. An SPF (especially one with a slight tint like ModelCo Daily Face Mattifying Sunscreen) should be applied a few minutes after your moisturiser has properly sunk in.

And then we have oil. Since face oils became the must-have product on the skincare scene (hello Rosehip and Macadamia oils!) their rank in our daily routine is equally as important as our moisturiser. As oil tends to be a heavier layer, they should be applied OVER moisturiser, to allow for maximum absorption over the day. Think of your oil as a skin sealant, ensuring all the hard-working layers underneath stay put to do their jobs correctly.

When should I apply my moisturiser?

Most of us will religiously apply our moisturiser both morning and night however the time that this is done must be excercised with a little caution. This tip may just make all the difference to the way your skin absorbs the benefits of your moisturiser. Upon cleansing, moisturiser should be applied as soon as possible. Damp skin is best for applying moisturiser as it is a great way to lock in any additional hydration before it evaporates. If you use a toner, or mist such as ModelCo Replenishing Rose Mist, make sure you spritz your face whilst it is still wet, and then apply your moisturiser less than a minute following this. For these wanting to up their moisturising game, ensure the entire process happens in a hot, steamy bathroom immediately post shower.

What is the best way to apply moisturiser to the face?

All that time saved waiting for your face to dry can now be put to proper use as you begin the actual act of applying product to the face. The amount of product is important to ensure you’re not getting carried away. A small dollop is best to ensure you a) don’t waste product unnecessary and b) don’t clog the pores.

Instead of pushing product outwards from the middle of your face (which can cause excess oil around the hairline), ensure you dab the product evenly across and blend it. Don’t rub the product too harshly into the face, but try and adopt a ‘dab and tap’ rhythm. Patting your face softly will stimulate the circulation, wake up the complexion and can work to flush out that any toxins that have built up in your lymph nodes.

Finally, whatever you do, don’t forget your neck. The neck and décolletage area are two areas that are the first to show signs of ageing, and unfortunately, virtually impossible to repair once damage is done. Apply a dollop twice the size of that on your face and liberally spread across your neck, throat and chest using the same dab and pat method.

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