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Beauty profile: Sigourney Cantelo

Sigourney has worked as a beauty journalist for over 15 years, most recently as Beauty & Health Director at Vogue Australia and has won multiple awards in her field. It is no wonder then that Sigourney exudes a natural glamour and has a polished look that seems effortless.

Sigourney’s latest venture, Beauticate, is a fascinating look into the world of beauty. Realising that the  incredible women she had interviewed over the years each had personal beauty stories to tell,  Sigourney wanted to share their knowledge and shed some light on the products and procedures that make the world of beauty so addictively fun. We recently caught up with Sigourney, who is also a mum to Max, 4 and newborn princess Louella, to get the low-down on everything from her unconventional beauty hack, how to look great as a working mum and what excites her about 2016.

What is your go-to make up look and why?

The older I get the less makeup I wear – and on days just in the office I stick to tinted moisturiser and not much else. But for meetings or events, I’ll put my face on I love a luminous foundation, bronzer (I do love the ModelCo BRONZE) a touch of highlighter on the cheekbones, a champagne or chocolate contoured eye, strong lashes and a subtle flick of black liquid liner.

As a working mum, do you have any tips for a quick ‘get ready’ routine in the mornings?

Two in one formulations! Tinted SPF moisturiser instead of foundation, tinted balms to hydrate the lips and add colour, a champagne-hued highlighting eyeshadow that I dab on my eyelids and the tops of my cheekbones. Quite often I’ll use the same dark brown eyebrow powder as an eyeliner just by changing makeup brushes. I find brown eyeshadow defines the eyes beautifully and subtly without looking harsh. Once a week I’ll apply tanning mousse with a mitt and that gives me a glow that lasts pretty well. I actually did a makeup tutorial on Beauticate about how I do a fresh glowy look in five minutes.

Three beauty essentials you can’t leave home without and why?

  1. Hand sanitizer – I have a newborn so it’s a necessity. I seek out nice quality, semi-natural ones from beauty brands rather than the alcohol-laden antiseptic ones as they dry out your hands. And stink!
  2. Concealer – the fastest way to look half alive when you’re on no sleep is to dab a highly pigmented concealer under the eyes, on the eyelids and on any red areas – e.g. spots or ruddy nose.
  3. A dark brown eyeliner or eyeshadow with an angled brush to define eyes and eyebrows. It’s a super natural way to give your eyes definition.

What is your signature hairstyle and why?

Ha ha – wash and wear! I’ve recently learnt how to use a curling tong (finally – at the ripe old age of 34!) So when I’ve got an event I’ve been tonging my hair into waves which still takes me forever but is still easier/faster than going to a salon and getting a blowdry.

Favourite lipstick shade and why…

At the moment, brown. I’m loving the return to nineties makeup. Being a brunette I feel like it suits my colouring and it’s kind of nostalgic for me.

Signature scent and why…

I’ve always loved Narciso Rodriguez For Her – it’s musky and sexy but also floral feminine. I love how it smells different on different people.

Of all the beauty advice you have heard through your years in the industry, what resonates the most with you?

Less is more. We’re all time poor and being a mum has forced me to be ruthless with my beauty routine. Also it’s best not to load your skin and hair with too many ingredients as they can penetrate into the bloodstream, so you want to be sure that it’s doing something worthwhile before introducing it into your body.

Do you have an unconventional beauty trick?

Whenever I cook with beetroot I rub some on my lips and cheeks as a natural stain. I also rub cut strawberries over my teeth when I’m eating them to help whiten them.

Do you exercise? If so, what is your go-to regime and how do you factor this into your day?

Oh I wish I could factor it in daily but at the moment my bub Luella requires a crazy amount of feeds so any type of scheduling is out the window! I do take her for walks whenever she won’t settle so at least that gets me off my bottom.

Describe a typical day’s food on a plate…

At the moment it’s pretty schizophrenic – part dutifully and optimistically healthy (for the breastfeeding) and part calorie-crazed sleep deprived sugar addict. Mostly it’s whatever I can make with one hand when I’m holding a squalling baby. Most days I have Sonoma Miche sourdough toast for breakfast with full fat butter, vegemite and avo or Mayvers Super Seed Spread (if you haven’t tried it you need to). Lunch is either a salad (if I have two hands) or, if I have a baby attached to me, microwaved leftover pasta or some lovely meal a friend has dropped to me. For dinner we get The Cook’s Grocer – a delivery service where they shop for and deliver the ingredients to you with instructions on how to cook them. It’s really yummy food (we’ve been posting recipes like Piri Piri chicken on the site) and Hubby and I juggle the kids and food preparation with a medium amount of fuss and tantrums.

What do you love to do most in your downtime?

Simple things: immersing myself in nature (walking through the bush tracks around the harbour, swimming in the ocean, going barefoot, smelling foliage after the rain and just soaking up the beauty), having a glass of wine on the balcony with Damien my husband and cuddling my babies. Oh and a massage is always very appreciated.

What was the last book you read?

I’m reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt during the middle of the night feeds at the moment and am loving it. Each time I go to pick it up it’s an internal struggle because I don’t want to get any closer to finishing it. Love books like that.

What excites you most about 2016?

Watching Beauticate grow – we’ve recently introduced category product Reviews and our Go-Tos Spa & Salon Directory which is super exciting – the feedback has been amazing and we’re adding new beauty destinations all the time.

Visit Beauticate for an exclusive look into the beauty routines of some of Australia’s most influential celebrities, models, bloggers and makeup artists.

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