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Beauty Profile: Jodi Anasta

We have a long-standing girl crush on homegrown Aussie beauty Jodi Anasta. We loved her on Home and Away, we cheered when she won a Logie award, we watched her on the big screen in The Cup and Any Questions for Ben and sighed with envy when she became a mum to gorgeous little Aleeia.

But mostly we love her innate sense of fashion, her immaculate style and drop-dead gorgeous natural beauty. ModelCo were lucky enough to catch up with Jodi recently to get a little inside scoop on her beauty tips and fashion favourites.

What is your go-to make up look and why? 
I love using my foundation mixed with ModelCo Luminosity Shimmer Whip. I finish it off with a little bit of bronzer, ModelCo Blush and my trusty Fibre Lash mascara. I favour simple, minimal make up that’s effortless and beautiful.

As a working mum, do you have any tips for a quick ‘get ready’ routine in the mornings?
I like to make sure my hair is done the night before so when I wake up it is just a matter of throwing on some light make up (as above) and off I go. If I have a big week I like to use ModelCo tan to give my skin that sunkissed glow that we all love.

Three beauty essentials you can’t leave home without? 
La Mer brightening essence, SKll eye cream and ModelCo Daily Face Mattifying Sunscreen and Lip Balm SPF50+. 

What is your signature hairstyle and why? 
A nape pony. I think it’s the best no fuss hairstyle and looks amazing with any beautiful piece of clothing that’s high neck or has a busy print.

Signature scent and why?
Jo Malone Pear & Freesia. I’ve used this fragrance for years; it’s fresh and light for everyday.

Of all the professional beauty advice you have picked up through your time in working with hair and makeup artists, what resonates the most with you? 
My friend once told me not to focus so much on all your flaws- that when people look at your face all they see are the beautiful features- I thought that was really nice.

Do you have an unconventional beauty trick? 
I like to use three different types of mascara- is that weird? One to keep them upright (waterproof!) One to lengthen (ModelCo Fibre Lash) and then a smaller brush head for the bottom lashes.

What is your go-to exercise regime and how do you factor this into your day? 
Fitness has always been very important to me. I see a trainer who helps me mix it up but I always love squats, lunges, free weights and ab work. These days I love walking Aleeia to her school or taking her out on long walks.

What do you do when prepping yourself for a photoshoot? 
I’m obsessed with SKII facial masks- they’re incredible! I use one of those as well as some Tan Airbrush in a Can the night before I’m working the next day. My diet stays the same all year round, fresh and healthy with the occasional treat! I go to Oscar Oscar Paddington to get my hair masks done and use L’Oreal Paris Elvive for Coloured Hair – I try to look after my hair all year round.

You always look so stylish – do you have a signature look? 
I never feel it… but thank you! When I’m going out I love to dress up – I love Self Portrait and Alex Perry, I always feel very spoilt when I am able to wear their beautiful clothes. When I m at home or playing with Aleeia I want to be comfortable so I love an all black ensemble. I know it’s boring but it’s actually what I’m the most comfy in most days. A textured black outfit is my idea of perfection.

What emoji best describes you?
Can we combine these two…


Describe your ideal Sunday?
I love being near the water; swimming, reading books and mags and playing with Aleeia and friends. Oh, and maybe some pizza for lunch!

What are your favourite IG accounts to follow? 
I mix it up on Instagram. I like to follow people like Margaret Zhang who have such great style and then pages like Sporteluxe keep me motivated and up to date with the latest in health and fitness. I also like to keep my eye on the Myer page to see if I need to pop into the store!

First thing you do in the morning? 
Grab Aleeia for a cuddle!

Current favourite song?
I got U (feat. Jax Jones)  Aleeia and I danced to this song in the living room for 20 minutes the other day… She would’ve keep going but I couldn’t keep up!

Any memorable beauty mishaps? 
Gosh where to start…. Maybe the green or pink eyeshadow in Year 7. Ekkkk!

What excites you most about 2016? 
Everything! This year holds so many exciting projects and endless possibilities. I’m very proud to have signed on to be a Myer Ambassador again, I also get to put my designer hat on doing my first capsule collection of customised leather goods with Mon Purse. On a personal level I’m looking forward to watching Aleeia grow and learn and I’m hoping to get some travel in there too!


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