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Beauty Profile - Beauty

Beauty Profile: Bonnie Gillies


Bonnie Gillies knows a thing or two about beauty. Her hugely popular website Oz Beauty Expert is a mecca of insider information, product reviews, celebrity interviews and inspiring beauty shoots.

ModelCo recently collaborated with the talented Bonnie Gillies from Oz Beauty Expert as she worked her magic to transform iconic Australian model Samantha Harris using ModelCo products for the latest Oz Beauty Expert editorial shoot. As a trained hair stylist, makeup artist, manicurist and beauty therapist, it’s safe to say, that when it comes to all things beauty, Bonnie is somewhat of a guiding light.

We sat down with Bonnie to find out her personal beauty tips and secrets and the favourite beauty products that make her tick. Take note!

Who is your beauty icon and why? 

My beauty icons are constantly changing, I guess I like to look to a lot of other makeup artists and hair stylists for inspiration. I adore Bobbi Brown, I met her last month and she is a truly inspiring woman. I also adore the work of the late Kevin Aucoin, his work gave me a lot of inspiration to become a makeup artist and he was definitely WAY ahead of his time.

What is your go-to make up look and why? 

My everyday look is pretty natural, with radiant glowy skin and a softly defined eye. I usually use lots of volumising mascara, a peach blush with use a soft brown eyeshadow to define my eyes. I love a bright red lip too!

Tip: Try ModelCo Fat Lash mascara for seriously full, high-wattage lashes and read Bonnie’s expert tips on selecting the perfect red lip to suit your skin tone.

Three beauty essentials you can’t leave home without and why?

1. My hair straightener, my hair is naturally really curly and I couldn’t cope without it!
2. Brow pencil, My eyebrows are patchy from over plucking in my younger years, I fill them in daily to make them look fuller.
3. Lip Balm, I can’t handle dry lips.

Give us your tips to creating a perfect winged eye? 

A great trick for a sharp winged eyeliner is to use a little bit of tape on the side of each eye  and trace along it to make sure your wing is straight. Once you’ve drawn on the line, remove the tape and you have a perfectly straight winged liner.

If you just want a small wing there are plenty of great products which make it really simple to create a little ‘flicked’ eyeline with ease (without the tape), even for a beginner.

Tip: Try ModelCo Eye Define Liquid Liner which has a superfine, water resistant felt tip liquid liner that allows even beginners to easily master their line!

What is your signature hairstyle and why?  

I am loving my ‘ombre’ hair colour at the moment. I have a really good stylist and the colour is perfect! My ‘go to’ style is  out with a soft messy wave.

On a bad hair day, what do you do?

Spray in some dry shampoo and whack it up in a messy ponytail. Dry shampoo is worth its weight in gold. It’s also great to create a soft tousled volume.

Your skin regime consists of… 

Cleansing daily, moisturising morning and night. I also use retinol product at night and sunscreen during the day. I do a deep exfoliation once a fortnight which is something I swear by! It keep my skin tone really even. I’m a big fan of natural and ethical products, I try to stay away from chemical laden skincare and I try not to use skincare that is tested on animals. Now days there are some great options which are all natural, cruelty-free and Australian made – like ModelCo!

How do you prep models skin before a photo shoot? 

I always use a lightweight moisturiser and a primer to ensure their makeup glides on and their skin looks full and hydrated. During the day I like to mist with Rose Mist spray to keep the foundation looking great.

Tip: Try ModelCo Replenishing Rose Mist to freshen up makeup and invigorate skin throughout the day.

Favourite nail colour right now and why…

Pure white or a wine colour are my two favourites! A deep wine colour is rich and looks luxurious. And white is just fun and really stands out.

Tip: Try ModelCo Nailpolish in Grapevine and Aspen

Favourite lipstick shade and why… 

ModelCo Lip Couture lipstick in ‘Truffle’ is such a beautiful colour! It’s a mauve based light brown and I just LOVE it!

Signature scent and why… 

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle or Lolita Lempicka- both are soft and elegant!

Do you have an unconventional beauty trick? 

I like to make sure a models lips are in good condition before I do makeup. I always do a gentle lip exfoliation using lip balm and a disposable mascara wand to remove any flaky, dry skin so that their lips look full and perfect for lipstick. Some models do give me a quizzical look when I start rubbing their lips with a mascara wand….

Best thing about being a makeup artist is…  

At this point in my career the best part of being a make-up artist is getting to have full creative control over all my projects for Oz Beauty Expert. It’s such a great thing to be able to envision a look and then watch it become a reality on a gorgeous top model. The other thing I love about my job is working with so many different creative people – you meet some unforgettable characters!


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