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ModelCo’s new range of FLUTTER False Eyelashes features 14 styles to match any mood or outfit, taking your lashes from girl-next-door to sultry siren in the blink of an eye. Easy-to-use and gentle to remove, flawless false lashes have never been easier!
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Lash out this season with ModelCo’s new range of FLUTTER False Eyelashes. Featuring 7 styles to match any mood or outfit, take your lashes from girl-next-door to sultry siren in the blink of an eye.

Easy-to-use and gentle to remove, high definition flawless false lashes have never been easier!  The hardest part? Choosing when and where to wear one of these 7 fabulous styles…

Why you need it:

  • High definition false eyelashes
  • Easy to apply 
  • Gentle to remove
How to use

Step 1. Ensure eyelid is clean and dry before applying eyelashes.

Step 2. Using tweezers carefully lift the lashes from the tray.

Step 3. Hold lash in front of your eye to determine desired band length. If the band is too long, trim length with scissors starting from the outside edge.

Step 4. Twist open cap on adhesive. Turn cap around to reseal tube when finished.

Step 5. Apply adhesive along the base of band.

Step 6. Leave glue for 40 to 50 seconds until it changes colour before applying lashes.

Step 7. Apply lash to eyelid, beginning at the inner corner of the eye. Gently press lash band along the base of the lid, as close as possible to the roots of your own lashes.

Step 8. Keep eye slightly closed until lash glue is dry. Lash glue will become clear when dry.

TO REMOVE: Gently peel off lashes – beginning at the inside corner of the eye. Do not pull on individual hairs. Massage makeup remover over eyelid to eliminate any adhesive residue.

TOP TIPS: Apply mascara to your own lashes before applying false lashes. This will create a firm base to work on. To keep lashes in good condition, return to storage tray after use.

WARNING: Do not apply adhesive directly to eyelids. If irritation occurs discontinue use. If product enters the eyes, rinse immediately with lukewarm water and if irritation continues seek medical advice.

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Natural & Flattering but tricky to apply
Rating: 4 / 5

I've had these for quite a while but I hardly wear false eyelashes so I haven't managed to finish the box. These come with their own glue which I haven't had any problems with. I find individual lashes when applied look very natural as you don't have a lash band to contend with.

In theory they should be easier to apply since you don't have to stick down a whole lash band but I had some trouble with these (probably because I'm terrible at applying false eyelashes). The hardest part for me was getting them to face the right direction and blending into my natural eyelashes. Once I did manage I was left with beautiful fluttery lashes. I only applied these to the outer third of my eye so it didn't look heavy at all!

False Lash face-off
Rating: 5 / 5

I received the style 'Mesmer-eyes' which are beautiful, thick dramatic black lashes. I never knew Model Co had a false lash range so I was really excited to try these out. Packaging is cute and it includes glue adhesive which is good for anyone who doesn't have some already. Once I removed each lash from the pack, I like to gently 'wiggle' the band so that it fits my eyes better and I had no problem doing that to these lashes unlike other brands which the band easily bends or snaps off. I applied the glue on to the band while holding them with some tweezers, I waited until the glue got a bit tacky and placed them on. These were really easy to apply compared to 2 of the brands we were given, so that really impressed me. The glue was pretty good and only at the end of the day did I find one lash lift up at the inner corner. I didn't have to cut down the lash as it fit perfectly which is nice. Overall, I really loved this pair in particular and I would have to say out of all the brands, these are my favourite and I will be looking into more of the styles available.


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